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  I learned of the seduction community 7 years ago. I was totally pleased that there were ''systems'' that got you laid cause I wasn't satisfied with my sex life. Honestly I believe all the pick-up material that is available  is on my laptop. Did it help? No it didn't help shit.Why you might ask?

Well this my opninion: all the material out there is concentrated on 1 thing: the WOMAN ,what you should say to her, what you should wear to make her think nice things of you,etc etc. The problem is that the most important thing you should really concern yourself with is YOU and thats something you won't find back in the ''systems''. That is untill I decided to contact David X. I spoke to him on the phone 10/15 times and met him once. His way of thinking and handling with women is unbelievably simply and also decievingly simple. His two rules are well known so I'm not gonna repeat them here. When we spoke a few times his ''system'' started to sink in and I had measurable succes: to me that meant every weak two different dates with an attractive woman and having a very strong frame of mind in my relationships. Mind you I'm not like David X and he definately doesnt want you to be him, but the way he explains his ''rules'' you can be sure every and I mean literally every problem you think you have can be solved by adopting his paradigm of handling woman. The reason why I would definately advocate him is because he can give you a simple system you can use always and once you understand and APPLY it you know where to look for solutions. The other reason is that his rules are also applicable for more durable relationships. Actually David X always says: getting them is easy, but keeping them is harder. I always thought what a bullshit. But the truth is indeed that approaching them is much easier than being and staying in control of your relationship. David X way of thinking will help dramatically in this.





David has helped me a lot this year. I was a lonely guy with no friends (just a few acquaintances) and no social circle to speak of. I was in my late 20s and had never had a girlfriend or been on a date. The only people I talked to more than once a month were my parents. I didn’t have one person I could call. I was isolated from society. I was so shy I had been followed in psychiatry for years with no progress. I lived alone with my parents and never went out. I was getting depressed and alcoholic and I was close to being committed.

It might sound a little hard to believe, but that’s how messed up I was. When I started working with David I gave him so much trouble because his advice sounded so alien to me, I always felt “wait, this can’t possibly be true.” With a little time and some ass kicking he changed my perspective. I became more confident and more focused. I became a better person, and a more honest person. Now I’m living independently on my own, have a social life, good friends, and I’m getting laid. None of this I thought would’ve ever been possible in my wildest dreams. And it’s getting better and better. And now I’m realizing all those things David said were true all along.

If he can help me out, he can probably help anybody. If you think you’re messed up, you’re probably not as messed up as I was. If he can help me, he can help you. Just listen to what he says. It’ll be a lot quicker that way





David practices what he preaches. He is honest, trustworthy, and respectful to me. He cares. He truly cares. I have rarely experienced ANYONE who demonstrates this kind of respect and kindness. So far I have learned a completely different way of looking at my life. A much, much better view of it. He has an assignment that makes you think of yourself as good, decent, worthy. In fact , he won't let you punish yourself. You're no longer allow to do it. After years working with psychologists and still being down on myself, David's simple approach wipes out any dumb hang-ups, quickly.Wished I had come across him 15 years ago!   

  Mike s



  Some years ago, a little boy in Washington State was recognized as a reincarnation of some big deal Buddhist monk.  I would just think this was silly, but there was an interview with the kid, now older, in Rolling Stone magazine and he said something I thought was really wise.  He said Buddhism was like medicine.  He said people come to me with a problem, I prescribe a medicine, usually meditation or some spiritual practice.  But, he said, the problem was people didn't want to take their medicine.  They want to sit around and talk about different types of medicine.  David X's medicine comes in the form of two huge horse pills, Rule # 1 and Rule # 2.  They can be hard to swallow at first, but once you get them down, they can change your whole outlook on life. 

      Rule number one is "Who cares what she thinks" and rule number two is "I am the most important person in the relationship".  Just about every guideline, helpful  hint and tip I've seen elsewhere are ways to make it appear as though you don't care what she thinks, or make it look like you consider yourself more important.   David teaches you how to BE confident.  Other guys teach you how to LOOK like you are confident.  Like how to tell a story that will impress the hell out of her without making it look like you were trying to impress her.  Or how to knock her down a peg by giving her wise alec answers to basic questions.  If you stop caring what women think, yeah, you might be a wise guy from time to time, but that's the icing, not the cake.  The reason you're scaring women away in the first place is you are probably trying too hard, now you find out about pick up and you try WAY too hard.  David teaches you to be relaxed, be yourself and have fun with women.    

If you want to tell a woman something she hasn't heard a guy say before, you don't have to read her fucking palm or get her to visualize a giant cube or some shit.  Tell her how you expect to be treated and mean it.  When you've given a woman the little talk about honesty, trust and respect and three strikes and you're out, you're basically double dog daring her to test you.  And she'll test you by acting like a rude assed bitch and all you have to do to pass the test is politely but firmly tell her she's being rude and to knock it off.  That's it. 


dreamstime_17920482.jpg As you come to believe that you are the more important person in the relationship, it takes the personal sting out of rejection.   No matter how good you get with women, some of them are going to treat you like shit, not because  there's something wrong with you, but because they treat all men like shit.  There are a lot of women out there who hate men.  There are a lot of women out there who practically have no sex drive to speak of.  As a bachelor, your job is to avoid them like icebergs.  Once you begin to understand that you're more important, a woman flaking on a date or running off with her friends at a club is no more upsetting than if your five year old nephew didn't want to play Candyland with you.  It would be absurd to take it personally when someone so obviously beneath your level disrespected you, and as you begin to observe the crappy way woman many women treat other people, it become obvious that they are below your level as well.   Not only was I taking the rejection personally, I'd take the testing personally as well.  It would piss me off that she was so rude as to cancel a date on me with a text message (even for a good reason) or not return my calls n anything like a timely manner.  I'd stew over it all week, but when I'd see her again, I'd keep it to myself.  The only reason someone would do this is if they felt they were beneath a woman's level.  Can you imagine doing something that would piss off you boss and him taking it personally, bottling it up and not even mentioning it to you?  No, because at work, your boss is on a higher level than you.  You need to treat a woman like a promising employee who has a few bad habits that need to be corrected.

  If you stop worrying about what they are going to think, it makes approaching so much easier.  Time was, I'd be checking a woman out, she'd glace up at me and I'd look away and pretend I was looking at something else.  Not now.  I look at her and smile because I'm thinking about what I'd like to do to her.  She looks up, sees me staring and 90% of the time smiles back.  At that point, walking over and introducing myself is just good manners.  Basically all my approaches start with a compliment to her looks or clothing.  Duh, because that's what captured my attention in the first place.

  60 some percent of women have never even had an orgasm in their lives.  This means the average guy is a sucky assed lousy lover.  You don't have to be Don Juan to be so much better than they average guy its ridiculous.  Just giving a shit whether she has an orgasm or not puts you so far ahead of the competition it's not even funny.  At most she's going to make you come two or three times a night, while you can learn how to make a woman come dozens of times.  So let's drop this charade that their pussies are so much more valuable than our dicks.

  David takes the time to call and check up on you and make sure its going OK.  He really cares about your success and happiness.  Other guys who don't know one tenth of what he does charge thousands of dollars for workshops.  I purchased a month of coaching and he said I could call him up anytime I had a problem.  I don't know how long he'll be able to keep this up.  At some point he's going to have to raise prices just so he can get some sleep.   I wish I had done this years ago.





I read your e-book. Thank you for opening my eyes. I can't believe how much of a pussy I've been all these years..

  Not only are you the best at picking up girls, you're also the best teacher. From now on until the rest of my days, I will always remember the man who taught me the importance of being honest, not only for picking up women but for everything in my life.



Dear David,

  I just wanna say that I saw results instantly after I talked to you, real results.  when I use the two rules I always see results and I see how every deviation from the two rules screws me over.  I started to fade as the party went on, I'm gonna work on it dramatically.  Consitency david, I'll work on it I'm gonna be fucking like crazy in the next few weeks. Call me up next time your stuck in a hotel room in Los Angeles, I wanna show you waht I can do.  Otherwise don't expect to hear from me probably again.  I'm too busy getting laid.   

   Heres that Testimonial I promised you.  You will AMAZE Yourself when you discover how easiy it really is to get what you want from women.  They will be happy and you will be happy. I believe if Everyone used David X's two rules, there would be no pickup industry because everyone would be too busy FUCKING!!!!


    David   Long Beach, California



David X helped me get in touch with my most natural, attractive self.

There were no gimmicks or techniques to learn. Instead, he helped me

get rid of my fears of approaching, getting to know, qualifying, and

becoming intimate with a woman. Once the fears were gone, I had the

success I wanted. If you know what you want, David X can help you

succeed by identifying your sticking points and accompanying you on

your journey. -A.






  Hey david, dont have to answer, but last night i was out with my natural cousin and i ended up walking up to a girl and telling her how sexy i thought her dance was and how it was turning me on… She was taken back at my boldness and let me touch her, stroke her face and kiss her a few seconds into the interaction. My cousin was stunned and could not understand how i was able to approach and get that far with a girl so quickly
 half an hour later, i catch up with the same girl and she says 5 guys tried hitting on her after me and blew all of them off because none of them were as confident or as bold as me… I was amazed. This stuff works I felt like a man. I almost felt like i could get pretty much any girl i wanted to in that place and that no guy could ever get in my way, drunk or sober… And i can. No games, or bullshit, just simple straght talk. She can either fuck me or the next guy, either way it's a win win for me

Onder H






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