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Dear Friend,

You are NOT here by accident. Something inside of you compelled you to visit this page because you are man who wishes to learn honesty, trust and respect. Let me start off by stating a FACT:

You would NOT be reading this letter if you were getting laid like a rock-star in a room filled with groupies.

I want to ask you something, have you ever found yourself involved in any of the following scenarios:

Have you ever gone out clubbing and asked a woman out, only to get "rejected?" Then you lose your confidence, make up an excuse to rationalize your failure and go home with your tail between your legs?
Have you ever asked for a woman's phone number or email address when you had a feeling that you could have taken her home that night, but you just didn't know what to say?
Have you ever been out with a woman who for whatever reason, something seems "off" so she gives you the silent treatment and felt bothered by it?
Have you ever been in a relationship where checking out other women while you're our with your girlfriend/wife is treated like a crime against humanity?
Has a woman ever told you she has a boyfriend and you try to run away like she has a contagious virus?
Have you spent a lot of your money on a woman only to get "no bang for your buck?"
Do you feel nervous approaching women by themselves or in groups?
Do you think your lack of success has to do with your physical appearance?
Have you been in a situation where you felt like you were being manipulated by a woman, but you didn't know what to do about it?
Have you purchased expensive dating courses, in the past only to become more and more frustrated, causing you to lose faith that you will ever master this crucial part of your life?
When you approach a woman, are you always looking for reasons WHY she will reject your before you even speak to her?
Have women frequently told you "Let's Just Be Friends?"
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this E-book is perfect for you. You can't change what you don't acknowledge.
Do you think any of these situations would even faze me for a split second? I could very easily go through the list right now and tell you how to deal with every single one of them. However, I don't have to tell you how to solve them individually because if you follow my two rules, the solutions will be instinctual. Once you have a solid foundation of honesty, you don't have to write notes on your arm.

If you are like MANY of my past students, you've probably purchased e-books, CDs and DVDs from one or more of the alleged "gurus" in the seduction community. Meanwhile, you probably made these purchases with your hard earned earn money with little or nothing to show for it.

To make things even worse, the pickup advice that they are feeding you is, for the most part… BULLSHIT. Here's why:

They are NOT teaching you how to get women HONESTLY!

That's right… I'm here to tell you that you've most likely been fed a pack of lies about what it takes to get the women of your dreams. You've probably been told to ask women:

"Who lies more, men or women?"

"Who cheats more, men or women?"

…oh, and my personal favorite (not):

"Is it okay for a guy to still be in contact with his ex-girlfriend from college?"

Give me a break! All of these routines and opinion openers are just a dishonest way of getting a beautiful woman's attention. The one's that do respond well to this type of approach are typically not the kind of women that a nice, well-intentioned man like you would want. Sure, she's super hot… at least until her make-up comes off.

All of these "gurus" are more or less teaching you how to lie to women and lose your own self-respect in the process. Their methods are complicated, require too much memorization and require you to put women down in order to raise your perceived social status. Essentially, you're trying to be somebody that you're not, which will only drive you crazy at the end of the day.

My name is David X, and I'm here to tell you that I know another way that is better, easier and psychologically healthier when it comes to meeting women and getting her into your bed.

My e-book is the BEST that you will find among all of the other guys out there that teach pickup and seduction. My reason for this is simple:

My methods are simple, honest and charming.

The reason my method is simple is because all you are doing is speaking your mind, and doing it in a charming and classy way, that's it! All of you guys know exactly how to think, you're experts at it, but when it comes to women… you get stunned and your mind draws a blank!


It's because you're trying to think about what she is thinking with a male brain. I wouldn't take the elevator with your brains!

I'm kidding… or not?

The point is, once you can learn to think for yourself and stop thinking about what she is SUPPOSEDLY thinking about… you are what I would call "cured." Otherwise, you're walking up to her defeated before you even open your mouth!

Sure, if you're a businessman, you need to observe consumer behavior patterns and decide how you're going to provide customer service. However, when it comes to being charming to women, you have to stop thinking for them, otherwise your communication will be stifled and you'll be afraid to offend her. Walking on eggshells NEVER worked in anybody's favor, and it won't work in the future either.

When it comes to adopting the right attitude to getting lots of gorgeous women, all you need are my two rules. I'll even give them to you right now, free of charge:

1) Who cares what she thinks
2) The most important person in the relationship is you

That's it! I'm not telling you to prove Einstein's Theory of Relativity. I'm not telling you to do calculus… and I'm not telling you to think for women, because you're going to be wrong anyway.

Even though you've just read my two rules, for most men, it simply will not click at a deep "gut-level." Instead, they just ask me what I have to say to women, but what you need to realize is that very thought-process is wrong, wrong, wrong. This is because it's necessary to acquire a strong foundation before knowing what to say becomes relevant.

Do you want to know exactly what a woman is thinking about when you approach her? STOP THINKING FOR HER! This will create unnecessary anxiety and fuck everything up.

In my 74 page e-book, you will learn:

HOW to approach groups of women (Page 7)
HOW to meet women in nightclubs (Page 8)
The BEST way to compliment a woman you are approaching (Page 14)
HOW to build an authentic sense of self-confidence (Page 19)
HOW to be in control, but not controlling (Page 24)
Whether or not women truly like "bad boys" (Page 28)
HOW to deal with "bitches" (Page 36)
What to SAY to a woman to get her back after a break-up (Page 38)
What to SAY to get a woman to trust you! The answer is EXTREMELY simple (Page 39)
HOW to deal with women who flirt with other men when in the same room (Page 42)
The IMPORTANCE of being honest and upfront with women from the very beginning (Page 51)
How to elicit a woman's "rules" when it comes to dating and get her to follow YOURS instead (Page 54)
The RIGHT response to when a woman asks you "Do I look fat?" (Page 57)
HOW to handle a woman who is flirting with you WHILE her boyfriend is in the same venue (Page 61)
A simple way to find out if a woman is attracted to you if you're uncertain and unable to read her signs (Page 62)
What to tell a woman after you kiss her for the first time (Page 64)

And much, much more...

My book will teach you my two rules in as much detail as a book alone can. You will gain confidence and a new way of thinking simply by exposing yourself to what I have to say.