For a SEPCIAL RATE I will fly to your area and speak to a group of people about my experiences with and TEACH YOU THE SECRETS that I have discovered over the years that will help you to become more confident, charismatic and attractive in the eyes of a woman. To be honest it's very simple if you Follow my 2 Rules.

1. Don't worry about what's she's thinking

2. Your the most important person in the relationship

EVERY SINGLE FEAR THEY HAVE COMES DOWN TO A VIOLATION OF MY 2 RULES, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you try to think for a woman, YOU'RE SCREWED. If you know that you're going to be wrong, why would you do it? That's why it is important to think for you, not for her. You're not being manipulative or degrading by being this way.

Think of it this way: Can a 25 year old bootcamp instructor possibly have my experience? FUCK NO! My experience counts for a lot! My goal is to take YEARS off of your learning curve and kick-start you in the right direction. However, preparation can only take you so far… eventually you need to take a leap of faith. Take what I am teaching you and apply it in the real world and you will be astounded with the results that you get.

After listening to what I have to say you will be inspired and equipped with the knowledge that will help you Develop your own MAGNETIC and SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE PERSONALITY that will help you to achieve success in this area of your life. From my experiences which I'll share with you will gain a deeper perspective on women that will allow you to start letting go of all the BULLSHIT that's been causing you to struggle when it comes to getting success in this area of your life.



Imagine this after throughaly understanding what I'm trying to get across to you , you will begin to feel whats its like being able to let go of any approazch  anxiety and walking up to hottest girl in the club and saying what's on you mind .

"Who knows you might make her pants dripping wet by dazzling her with your CHARMING PERSONALITY ."This is experience you'll discover is far more valuable then anything your going to learn from the other GURUS who teach you false and deceptive ways to meet women.

Your audience will find my talks on women, sex, female psychology, and dating to be a life changing experience . After I've Shared my experiences with you will have a shift in perspective and you'll began to notice how easy it is to meet women and achieve whatever goal wether it be dating , 1 nightstands , or building a HAREM of Sexy women. I've enjoyed many erotic encounters with women over the years. I'll have to say no matter what goal you wish to seek with a women, You'll feel a lot happier and enjoy life to it fullest, once you get this area in your life handeld. This is why I have deceided to consult men, because I know that they're many guys out there who are struggling in thes area of meeting women not realizing just how easy it is. I want to help your audience achieve the same fulfillment by opening thier minds to whats possible when meeting women so that they won't have to worry about this problem and more. "Were here for a good time not a long time" . So it's time to take action and make your many fantasises that you have of women COME TRUE. If your'e interested in hiring me to give live seminar that will help to better your audieince success with women then I am more than willing to put my money where my mouth is and show you exactly how easy it is to get women.


Please go to the contact page and send me an email me at In the subject line, please write "Meet David X Inquiry" to make things easier for me or call me on my phone to make arrangements at (1-877-432-8439).