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The time has come for me to release a  “NEW SEMNIAR ” Available for digital download.  This is my favorite seminar I have appeared in to this day..  It's a bit different from seminars I‘ve done before. Back in November of 2010 I was invited to speak at Direct Dating Seminar which focused on being more direct and straightforward with women . Besides lecturing on what it takes to meet , date ,and seduce women, I do some live demonstrations on how to lead a conversation with a lady. In addition I team up with Allen Roger Currie on Stage for the first time which was great because he's a lot like me. The two of us were able to captivate our auidence by explaining to them how easy it is to pick up when your direct. You will find some of our stories to be insightful and funny, but more important you will have a shift in perspective . During this seminar you will gain a perspective based on my experiences over the years on the female psyche, understand how my 2 RULES are effective when meeting women and you will begin To undersand how you CAN BE YOUR BEST SELF WHEN MEETING WOMEN and in other areas of your life.You will see HOW EASY it will be to let go of All the BULLSHIT that's keeping you from getting the success with women and in life that you seek. Here's some of the topics that will be Covered in this 3HRs+ SEMINAR


  • Learn a few of the lessons that I teach my students which will help you achieve success with women
  • What to do if she says LETS JUST BE FRIENDS. Timewaster or KEEPER ?
  • Recognize if she's taking advantage of you or not. How not to let a her manipulate you and more
  • Lead an interaction with a women from a normal conversation to more sexual talk
  • Understanding of how to approach a women without the fear of knowing whether she’s going to be impressed by what your saying
  • Learn how to get her thinking about having  a threesome with another girl
  •  HOW ROUTINES can backfire if your talking a woman, and what she really needs to hear from you
  • Learn how to deal with rejection and unacceptable behavior from a woman and walk away still feeling confident
  •  What I tell aWomen that gets them INTERESTED IN A MATTER OF SECONDS
  • Learn how to spark attraction  towards a women in a way that’s  more authentic and conveys sexual chemistry
  •  Meet women WITHOUT HAVING TO USE ROUTINES that so called gurus teach you
  • Stop assuming what she really wants ,  LISTEN if you follow RULE NUMBER 1 you wont have this problem.   
  • BOLDLY WALK UP TO A WOMAN and  convey  your attraction towards her in a honest way that will stimulate her emotions 
  • and A LOT MORE of Great Material that will help you to get the ladies


I would like to share with a few clips from this seminar so you can experience for yourself some of the highlights which were some of my favorite moments on stage. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


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Impressed by what you have seen so far? GREAT. Theres a lot more footage which you'll learn from to Help your Inner and Outer Game. YOU will understand how to meet women in a honest , trustful , and natural manner. I DO NOT TEACH YOU THAT INDIRCT GAME which those other GURUS PREACH you won't LEARN NO ROUNTINES , Funky ways to Dress or other Stuff that creates a False impression. I show my students how to Build Thier Confidence , LET go of BULLSHIT thoughts that are a blocking them from interacting with women, so they can project an anthenthic ,charning, and Sexual confidence, give them an understanding of women and how to communicate with them , and Teach them my 2 Rules, and Once they get my two all this down thier outergame will convey these characterisitcs and you won't need no Routines, becuase You wont be Afraid TO BE YOUR BEST KICK ASS SELF . There's a lot of material in my new seminar that will to help begeinners and other men who can talk to women , but are having trouble obtain the results that they seek. I'm offering to options for this seminar





I'm so sure that after you watch this seminar that you will have a few questions or you would like to talk with me about a sticking point when it comes to your success with meeting women, that I'm going to offer you a great deal where you buy the Digital Download for this seminar + you will get $50 OFF on 60 minute skpye consultaton with me .


PACKAGE #2 DAVID X DIRECT DATING Seminar + 1 Skype Session



Thanks Very Much for taking the time to read this letter and best wishes on your success with meeting women. If you ever think that later on in the future you might need my help give me a call or check out my online store and look at one of my products . My goal is to help you overcome your issues with women .

Sincerely ,








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