Can you answer 'yes' to any of these questions ?..

  • frustrated with your love life?
  • still a
  • unsure of what to say and do to get a woman attracted to you?
  • are you someone who has been taught that you must lie to women to get them into bed?
  • interested in learning honesty and integrating it into every area of your life?
  • tired of chasing women, and want them to chase YOU instead?
  • in a relationship and uncertain about HOW to handle your girlfriend?
  • interested in having threesomes, or foursomes?
  • looking to date multiple women at the same time?
  • somebody who has spent ridiculous amounts of money with other seduction "gurus" and have little or nothing to show for it?
  • This is your opportunity to speak one-on-one with David X himself to receive solid, practical and immediately applicable advice, straight from the source."David, there are so many other guys offering phone coaching programs out there, why should I come to you?"

At this time, I am 60 years old. I have slept with thousands of women over the course of 30 years from all walks of life and all different cultures. I have slept with older women, younger women, college girls, club girls, and high-profile professionals… you name it and I've experienced it.

Also, I have been coaching men for the past 15 years, so over time, I have learned EXACTLY how men are going wrong and how to correct the behaviors that are inhibiting their own success. My experiences are worth A LOT, which is something that a 25 year old "Bootcamp Instructor" is NOT able to offer.

I figured out dating and relationships DECADES ago, and I did it all on my own. Most of the other guys in the seduction community who offer coaching programs learned under rigid, inflexible "systems" and "methods" which are built on the premise that you have to lie to women to get them into bed, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Even though I don't like this particular label, I have been called a "natural" by many men in the seduction community. I dislike the term "natural" because it implies that guys are not capable of doing what I can do… it literally places a huge limiting belief inside men's minds because they think that it makes them weak for seeking help from an outside source.

That said, all of my expertise comes from real-world experience over the course of DECADES, and what I teach is HONEST and SIMPLE. As the old saying goes, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" and it just happens to be the very thing that will dramatically increase your odds of getting laid with the hottest women you can imagine, because if honesty can't get you the girl, nothing will. You can let go of the manipulative and dishonest techniques you may have learned from other "gurus.

Don't have the money for a phone consultation?
Do you want to have your SPECIFIC question answered?
Is there a recurring issue in your dating life that you just can't figure out how to overcome?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, Pay Per Question is designed for you!

My latest service is "Pay Per Question." It is designed for people who are currently strapped for cash and don't necessarily have the money to afford a one-on-one phone consultation with me. For a low cost of $35 $25, you can have some of your toughest dating and relationships question answered by me.I lost my virginity in my mid-teens and I didn't get married until I was 45 years old. Therefore, I have over 30 years of experience in meeting women from all walks of life.

Q: "But David, that was a long time ago! How do I know that what worked then will still work now?

A: Human nature has not changed in a past few decades, and it has not changed in the last few centuries. Sure, there are new challenges to deal with such as text messages (which you guys should scrap, by the way), but the female psyche remains the same. What I can teach you will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Do yourself a favor and get your questions answered. It is my pleasure to help you guys out!

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