Warning: Please be reminded that this seminar is not about learning routines, its about learning how to handle our mental shit!!!

!!! If you are ready to grow to manhood from boyhood…don’t hesitate …grab a copy of the David X Toronto  seminar!

If you are serious about improving yourself, your dating life, your personal life, your financial life, do yourself a favour and cut through all excuses, cut through all limiting belief and make a commitment to take advantage of this golden opportunity to engage with a leading brand in the coaching industry.

On September 27, 2012  David conducted a Seminar in Toronto. He  lectured on  some of his ground breaking strategies that any man can apply to become good with women and have a successful dating life! You will learn how to become master of your inner game and handle any dating situation with complete focus, honesty and iron solid confidence. David will help you to become the man that women find irresistible and sexy.   You will be in that mindset of not GIVING A FUCK about rejection or letting go of women who are wasting your time.

Are you having trouble dating high quality women?

 Do you lose your focus and struggle with your confidence with attractive women?

looking to boost your confidence and learn what to say, when and how to build attraction honestly and openly with the women of your desire?

Are you in a relationship and looking to manage your relationship better?

Looking for a better way to handle rejection and increase you success rate with women?

No matter what's your dating need, no one knows better than David X!  His open, direct and honest interaction with women has not only brought him immense success with quality women in his life, but also has made him one of a kind dating guru in the industry.David X has been behind the training of many industry leading dating coaches. He has produced many graduates from his coaching programs. Many of his students have started their own dating coaching business. He is highly sought after coach and conducts seminars across that globe that are sold for thousands of dollars per seat.

After watching this seminar you will unlock your inner game When It Comes To Meeting Women By
  • Once you master David’s style, you will never touch any routine to hide your fears, as your will master how to manage your fears…as a real man should!
  • Once you engage with David, you will never have to read thousands of blogs, read hundreds of books, and attend million seminars (with conflicting view points on best strategies), you will know the 10% of the facts that make 90% of the difference, scary to imagine…but simple to implement and once you get it…you will thank yourself that you invested your time and energy to learn from the best of the best!


  • Once you get your emotional blockages removed, once you are able to handle your fears, once you are able to build that rock solid confidence, not only your dating game will improve, but your life in all areas of your life will shoot through the roof….as “its not what we know gets us results…it’s the attitude behind what we know & how we approach the world”!! And you will approach the world with the confidence of a rockstar!!

If you're ready to learn how to get inner game up and rolling then don't miss out on this seminar . You will learn what you need to know to get in the field and start picking up chicks like a ROCKSTAR. I'm offering this seminar at an affordable price so you can't see for yourself how simple it is to meeting , date , or fuck women, without have to result to PICKUP ROUTINES that are deceptive.



3hrs + Digital Seminar

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DVD Seminar + 1 Skype Session




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